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EnergyLab Execute Lemon Lime


Endurance Series Execute™ from Energylab is a REVOLUTIONARY endurance breakthrough designed to meet every physiological demand of the body and mind, no matter what mile you're on. Hydration, muscle tissue protection, adaptogenic support, super ATP regeneration, rapid ammonia and lactic acid removal, fuel to keep your mind focused, and more...Endurance Series Execute has it all.

And it's fueled with the most technologically advanced carbohydrate in existence to optimize athletic performance like never before. You could say Endurance Series Execute is like having your own personal IV - and it will be with you every step of the way. The days of nutritional "guestimation" on mile 15, 18, 21 are over.

Tired of going to the medical tent in your thermo silver blanket? Then get ready to discover a REVOLUTIONARY endurance breakthrough that is helping elite endurance athletes hit back, and hit back hard. If you are even the least bit interested in running a 5k, a marathon, a bike race, a triathlon, or simply crushing your previous best racing times in any event, and you want to know EVERY last trick in the book to give your body the edge you desire, then you need to read this right now, and here's why.

Energylab is tired of hearing excuses. As endurance addicts ourselves, we've developed a brilliantly well and scientifically advanced intra-workout endurance formula so powerful, so unique it's going to give your body power and stamina you have never seen before.

It's called Endurance Series Execute, and it's light years beyond the traditional vintage marriage of simple sugars and electrolyte based formulas. To help you decide if Endurance Series Execute is right for you, here's just a taste of what we've included to help you smash through the walls and continue running like an true urban gladiator, mile after mile:

Carbo-IV Infusion: Endurance Series Execute is the ONLY intra-workout endurance formula to contain a propriety blend of long chain carbohydrates extracted from rice and potato. This can lead to quicker absorption in the stomach than sugar, which helps eliminate stomach bloat and discomfort. And, Carbo-IV Infusion not only helps rapidly replenish glycogen levels during exercise, it acts as a "pump" that pulls more water and nutrients right into the blood stream and muscle tissues. "It's like having your own personal IV with you, every step of the way."

D-Ribose: Endurance Series Execute contains 5 massive grams of pure, pharmaceutical grade D-Ribose. D-Ribose is the critical first step in producing adenosine triphospate (ATP), the major source of energy used by every cell in your body, including muscles. D-Ribose keeps your muscles feeling energized and strong by helping to reduce energy loss during stress and accelerate energy and tissue recovery. For the endurance athlete, it's like getting all the benefits of creatine monohydrate, and none of the water retention, bloating, and weight gain.

Rhodiola: This powerful adaptogen will help your body better adapt to stressful situations, and if mile marker 20 isn't stressful enough, I don't know what is. Rhodiola has been shown to increase physical work capacity, decrease fatigue, and even slow the use of glycogen in favor of fatty acids...hence it's tremendous ability to help reduce lactic acid.BCAA's: You probably know that about 2 hours into your run, your body starts cannibalizing your muscles for fuel. And that's not good. The traditional approach has been to include soy or whey protein. But what many don't realize is soy spoils and protein foams up in the stomach, making you feel bloated and heavy in your darkest moments in a race.So what's the solution? A potent and surgically precise ratio of muscle protecting, fatigue reducing, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) - the PERFECT source of muscle protecting nitrogen for hard working muscles.

L-Citrulline and L-Carnosine: Hard working muscles require protection, but they require more than that. Working muscles produce ammonia and lactic acid, and the build up of these two metabolic by-products can lead to severe fatigue and poor performance. That's why we fortified Endurance Series Execute with the purest, highest quality forms of citrulline and carnosine - to help make every stride as easy as the last.

Electrolytes: Endurance Series Execute contains the ratio of electrolytes that endurance athletes have been wanting for years. Our endurance science blend guards the body against the hottest conditions to shield off cramping, keeping you in your optimal hydration zone, and to help electrify your neurons and motor units for superior muscular performance.

Endurance Series Execute is absolutely loaded with the stuff athletes are demanding, both in quality and performance. Not to mention, the taste is absolutely amazing. Begging for more, here's a few more benefits you'll receive.

Endurance Series Execute also includes ingredients to help your mind stay focused and alert, anti-oxidants to help reduce oxidative damage to muscles, and support for your immune system and heart.


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