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EnergyLab Armor Pink Lemonade


Armor™ from Energy Lab is a NEW, race-inspired recovery formula designed to help endurance athletes like you refuel, replenish, and recover faster from training. It's engineered to deliver BIG TIME on every conceivable measure of performance recovery, all so you can so you can rebuild stealthier, more explosive lean muscle, reduce post-workout soreness, supercharge re-hydration, support a healthy immune system, and naturally reduce swelling and inflammation.

Introducing Armor™ A Revolutionary Advancement on the DNA of Post-Training Recovery Armor is a non-carbohydrate, post workout recovery powerhouse designed by endurance athletes who know what your body needs after you've run it into the ground from hours of training. And, it is 100% free from substances banned by WADA and the IOC. If you've been struggling to recover faster while keeping the fat off your body, then look no further.

So how does Armor work? Let's take a look.

First - Armor is loaded with 7500mg of BCAA's, 4000mg of L-glutamine, and powerful anti-oxidants to help you rapidly repair damaged muscles and reduce oxidative stress to muscle cells.

Second - Every scoop of Armor contains a precision dose of electrolytes to help you re-hydrate your body, restore your optimal hydration zone, and alleviate post-training soreness.

Third - Post-training cortisol levels can compromise your immune system. That's why Armor contains key ingredients designed to help support a healthy immune system.

And Finally - Key ingredients inside Armor help deliver natural anti-inflammatory support to assist in inflammation and swelling reduction. If you've come to rely on OTC NSAIDs, you're going to love the way Armor makes you feel.

When you're ready to take your training to the next level...to build your most explosive power-to-weight ratio and race at your leanest and meanest weight ever...then you're ready for Armor.


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